Friday, 3 February 2017

Announcement (78)

My compliments to those whom are interested to my writings about Higgs boson discovery and Higgs boson experiment and it's results; I am telling them in this announcement that my writings will never end just because they are showing me support by their visits to this blog. I would like to be generous to provide you with five important information to add to your knowledge concerning Higgs boson experiment results.

One of the best results of Higgs boson experiment is the confirmed travel back of planet earth in history; this travel back is free because Higgs boson decided to be so; and it's charges are just a bit of sugar. Higgs boson experiment has completed it's aim which is the building of a full Higgs boson magnetic field, and by the accomplishment of this field; time started to go back and this means that all chemical elements are under decay to reshape again in a new shape of matter of the past.

The second result of Higgs boson experiment is the change in the global weather system; there is no doubt that the global weather system has changed a lot; and this change could be seen in higher temperature on earth, in clouds accumulation which leads to heavy rain, in higher volcanoes' eruptions, in higher seas, in intense heat waves, in vortex breaking and in ice melting. I think that these signs of the change of the global weather system are at increase minute after minute.

The third result of Higgs boson experiment is biologic; the biology of all living organisms from bacteria, viruses, animals, plants, to human beings is at reversal; and this means that all existing DNAs are turning back to where they come from; and this means that DNA is building in older shapes to arrive to it's tree roots, otherwise the travel back in history will have no meaning. I think that there are already many examples of DNA reversing in this blog.

The fourth result of Higgs boson experiment is the change in human beings culture; human beings discussions about flood insurance, budget of flood defense, flooding maps, main pipe water burst, heavy snow, avalanches, holiday organisation, fishing culture, price of vegetables and fruits influence on consummation habits, import-export of agricultural products, wild fires prevention, clothes wearing confusion and media information culture have been settled in societies. I think that the culture in all cited fields is at higher level of change and the "All change phenomenon" will be sooner dominant.

The last result of Higgs boson experiment is the increase of the water molecule on 
planet earth; water, water and water; humanity will suffer enormously because of too much water, and this high increase of water is simply one of Higgs boson processes to decompose planet earth and decrease it's mass.
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