Friday, 17 February 2017

Announcement (92)

Trees are carrying with them significant frames reflecting images of the transition of planet earth from present to past; because trees are very responsive to Higgs boson experiment due to their connection to so many particles such as soil particles, photons, all existing particles in the air, water and their exposition to Higgs boson magnetism. In this announcement my talk will be about five images of trees reflection to Higgs boson experiment.

The first image of trees showing Higgs boson experiment is trees foliage; I am sure that its noticeable that trees' leaves are taking sharper color during autumn and their life is longer than normal; and this is because they are healthier than they never did before; the support to trees' leaves to become stronger is made by Higgs boson magnetism to their cells by pulling them up to facilitate their growth.

The second image of trees showing Higgs boson experiment is trees death; trees are dying because of Higgs boson magnetism extraction to the water molecule from trees' cells, and also because of the increase in the sun's heat, the excessive of the water molecule, Higgs boson magnetism decay to trees particles and inflation pushing trees to achieve their old age quickly. I think that the world is seeing a very fast and higher number of dead trees.

The third image of trees showing Higgs boson experiment is trees growth; trees growth is faster than ever because of Higgs boson experiment which is creating the right conditions to trees to grow very fast, and these conditions are: Higgs boson magnetism support to trees' cells, inflation support to everything to grow faster, the rise in temperature on planet earth, the abundance of the water molecule, chemicals integration to bigger time particles and light atmosphere.

The fourth image of trees showing Higgs boson experiment is trees mass death; trees mass death is one of the new phenomena of the new era of life. The world is already assisting hundreds of millions of dead trees and this is because of drought, excessive water or wild fires; all these causes will lead to an extermination of trees on planet earth.

The last image of trees showing Higgs boson experiment is the appearance of new old kind of trees; because planet earth is travelling back this means that old kind of trees will grow, and this is because of the settlement of new climatic conditions which will make old trees' DNA regenerated to come up with more adaptable trees.

To end this post I should remind you to have a look at your garden trees to notice that what it has been said in this post is true.
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