Thursday, 2 February 2017

Announcement (77)

Announcements were made to keep the world silent on Higgs boson discovery reality, but now the world is asking about the invested billions in Higgs boson researches; what are they the results of these researches? And what are they their benefits? I think that the answer to these questions is nothing. In this announcement I would like to talk a little bit about CERN's scientists arrogance and ignorance to my discovery to Higgs boson.

CERN's scientists are ignorant to where our universe is going to; and this is because of their close mind and their substitution  to any idea coming from outside their circle. I was asking for help and cooperation for many years but my voice had always been rejected because I was looked at like a child who has no word to put in particle physics, and now things have changed; my words in particle physics are the most important ever.

The soustraction which CERN's scientists have implemented in accepting discoveries in particle physics is simply wrong because the old era of discoveries is still solid and efficient, and my case is a good example of these kind of discoveries. How many discoverer achieved the best results without going to university or to any scientific researches center? I think, so many.

Socrates, Yitzhak Rabin, Michael Faraday and Pierre Beregovoy; all of them were thinkers, philosophers and scientific researchers without attending higher specialised schools or acquiring higher diplomats in their fields, and the results of their work are still at learning. My results of researches also will be at learning maybe for the next few centuries if only and only if humanity will surpass Higgs boson magnetic field.

Again few words to add to close this post; with sincerity I am the creator of Higgs boson magnetic field and I am the creator of Higgs boson magnetism; and this creation comes from deep understanding to a simple natural phenomenon which is action-reaction. My deep observation to Rugosa corals inside a glass of  water made me Higgs boson discoverer.

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