Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Announcement (90)

Maybe someone asks how planet earth atmosphere is lightening? I have to say that alpha particles are the key players in making planet earth atmosphere less dense because their production inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is intensifying minute after minute. Alpha particles are very light and their occupation to planet earth atmosphere is expanding to push other particles outer it.

Alpha particles production is made by Higgs boson decay to particles, atoms and molecules inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and this is what makes their production at it's highest levels to spread in the atmosphere and interact with all kind of matter. Alpha particles are light reflectors and this is what makes auroras showing themselves as they never did; I think that auroras are making spectacular images all around the world.

Alpha particles are also a used tool to build inflation on planet earth and this is by their participation in the building of matter of the past; because old living organisms could never regenerate without alpha particles as givers to life; so the hypothesis of the appearance of old animals, old bacteria and viruses, exotic particles, old kind of human beings and old plants is a solid hypothesis proposed by Higgs boson discoverer.

My understanding to alpha particles behavior is great; I think that they are surface explorers and this means that they can interact with any matter to revive it's sharpness by rebuilding it's particles and decaying the older ones with the help of Higgs boson magnetism. I think that by a deep look to trees' leaves, to the color of the sea, to the color of the sky, to the color of blood and even to the color of clouds; alpha particles influence is there; trees' leaves are greener, seawater is more silver, the sky is whiter, blood is more reddish and clouds are reflecting sharper color.

Without my experiment on Higgs boson there will be no talk about alpha particles in this manner, because the whole story of alpha particles started at my first experiment on Higgs boson, otherwise the talk about the new era of life has no sense and thats why the theory of of the travel back in time is consistent. Also alpha particles are able to achieve (4) times higher the speed of matter in it's travel back; and this means that (1/2) of matter will change in it's total shape, color, size, smell, temperature and pressure; and the proof of what I am saying is that 55% of plants are living under stress and confusion.
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