Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Announcement (82)

"Go to Fatima Al Zohra and you will find the needed vaccine to your baby"; this is my task of the day, but my question is why there is no vaccine? In this announcement I am willing to raise awareness about the deterioration of vaccines around the world, and by citing five causes of this deterioration the subject of this post should be completed.

The first cause of vaccines deterioration is chemicals interactions due to Higgs boson magnetism; Higgs boson magnetism can decay molecules easily and this is what makes the molecules of vaccines losing some chemicals to interact with others, and the result is an inefficient vaccine. Inefficient vaccines are out there in many countries.

The second cause of vaccines deterioration is Higgs boson magnetic particles waves pulling to the existing particles inside vaccines; this phenomenon is real and it has serious effects on vaccines' composition. Higgs boson magnetic particles waves can soustrate particles from vaccines' containers and change their efficiency to negativity.

The third cause of vaccines deterioration is atoms decay; most of atoms decay is made by Higgs boson magnetism and the participating atoms in the construction of vaccines' chemicals are not spared from Higgs boson magnetism and this is what makes vaccines deterioration a must. I think that humanity is already facing a huge challenge to fix vaccines deterioration issue and this is due to it's ignorance to Higgs boson experiment influence on this kind of product.

The fourth cause of vaccines deterioration is vaccines production issues; I have to say that the building of molecules to produce vaccines is becoming a real uneasy task because of Higgs boson destabilization to atoms, and I am sure that specialized people in pharmaceutics are raising this problem of production of molecules of vaccines in the right way.

The last cause of vaccines deterioration is the change in the global weather system; molecules are responsive to temperature; and because they are exposed to higher temperature then to colder one their building can degrade to expire vaccines' life.

With a last word I should remember humanity that my exposition to vaccines issue is 
just at it's beginning and to face this issue in the future specialized people in the fabrication of vaccines should tell us how?
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