Sunday, 19 February 2017

Announcement (94)

Again majorana fermions must occupy space in this announcement and this is because of their increase in the atmosphere. Majorana fermions have two options of 
behavior; they can condensate on the surface of Bose Einstein Condensate system 

(BECs) and become apparent to the naked eye, and they can also become free in the atmosphere. I have already shown many images of majorana fermions condensation on the top of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), but their behavior once free is still unknown and thats why I am writing the below paragraphs to put the light on this behavior. I think that by showing five key points of majorana fermions behavior once free in the atmosphere our subject will be completed.

Majorana fermions are energy carriers, and their speed is twice the speed of light and this is what allows them to participate in Higgs boson magnetic particles waves to give them strength and power of pulling. Majorana fermions are participant in the building of Higgs boson magnetism by up to 13% to speed up the inflation of our universe.

Majorana fermions once free their penetration to any matter is an easy task and their behavior of homogeneity with the existing majorana fermions inside matter makes the inflation of this last imminent; so their behavior of inflation to any matter is similarly to the yeast inside any dough.

Majorana fermions are supporters to the decay of particles, atoms and molecules by Higgs boson magnetism and this is through their penetration to matter and their interaction with it's existing majorana fermions. The process of inflation to matter by majorana fermions creates cracks and weakness inside it to finish by breaking into lower energy.

Majorana fermions are particles attractors; they are able to pick the tinniest particles such as monitochs to condensate them and form new kind of particles such as quarks, glue balls and other unknown particles. Majorana fermions interaction with sub subatomic particles is one of unknown phenomena which leads to the renewing of all known matter to come up with 100% new life on earth, I think that all this will happen in a matter of few years.

Here I am revealing the big secret of majorana fermions; they are time particles manipulators; their holding to time particles is the most complicated phenomenon to investigate; because our universe is entering to bigger time partciles majorana fermions role is to release smaller time particles from matter and integrating bigger ones inside it; and this means that the travel back of our universe could never happen without Higgs boson experiment which is the source of the freedom of majorana fermions.

My understanding to majorana fermions behavior is unique and revealing new fields of researches in particle physics.
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