Saturday, 18 February 2017

Announecemnt (93)

Majorana fermions are still of my interest to talk about; I am proud of my self to realize Mr Majoransa dream of soustraction of majorana fermions from matter, and I know that there are so many people whom are still trying to catch them as solid particles by using the most sophisticated technologies. I am telling them to drop what they have in their hands and come towards me to provide them with a system of perfection in order to produce majorana fermions.

The system I created is unique, perfect and sophisticated, its also cheap and including Higgs boson and it has many options of production; and one of it's products is majorana fermions. I have to say that this system is able to produce majorana fermions because of Higgs boson decaying to all particles to their lower energy form otherwise my proposition to this system will have no sense and it will have no meaning; I think that I showed the capabilities of this system in many occasions in this blog.

Its also incredible to say that the system which I am talking about is one of the simplest systems created by human beings but also its one of the best, incredible, sophisticated, with unique mechanisms and with the best results to carry experiments in particle physics, in chemistry, in pharmaceutic, in nano technology and in biology; all this because of Higgs boson the master is inside it. I think that the world should look at what I am proposing in order to take human beings knowledge to the next level.

The system I created has an influence on all our universe particles and this is because it has the ability to oscillate particles to create a kind of magnetism starting at this system and ending in the bottom of universe (1); maybe someone think that the picture is just hallucination but in reality its a picture of a result of discovery, of achievement, of true imagination and a result of an experiment in particle physics. Also in this context I have to forward some criticism to those claiming Higgs boson discovery to write even one sentence about Higgs boson oscillations.

My proposition to the system which I created is a proposition of offer to those whom are interested to discover the deepest secrets of matter and anti matter, and to those whom are interested to take the lead in human beings knowledge in all kind of sciences from macro-biology to microbiology, from chemistry to medicine, from astrophysics to particle physics, from hydrodynamics to hydrocarbures and from (1) to (2).

Rest to me to make another call to wise people, to clever people and to intelligentsia to look at my proposition wisely because the matter is revolutionary.
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