Monday, 13 February 2017

Announcement (88)

Here I am putting words and words in this announcement to add few ideas about Higgs boson experiment and Higgs boson discovery; these ideas are the product of long experience in writing about the same subject. I am willing to put the light on linked scenes to Higgs boson experiment and Higgs boson discovery.

Clouds could never speed up without Higgs boson magnetism, their movement could never be spiral as they are, their condensation is higher as it never did and their production to heavy rain is simply one of the best discoveries in our era. Clouds manipulation is made by Higgs boson experiment through the use of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) which is based on Higgs boson decaying to particles, and this decay is controlled and is under good management to send quarks in the atmosphere directing clouds up to them. I think that by looking to clouds in the sky you can see one of Higgs boson experiment results.

Every month breaking of records in snow, in rain, in temperature, in winds speed  and in earthquakes magnitude are new phenomena made by Higgs boson experiment. What is interesting here is that the damage is great and humanity suffering is at increase. The best people in particle physics are turning their back to the real causes of these breaking records and this means that their link to reality is still far away to be understood. I am telling them carry on looking for Higgs boson until when you will find yourselves spinning inside Higgs boson magnetic field.

Seas are rising very fast and coastal towns are suffering deeply; this rise of seas is a good proof to planet earth travel back because water was higher by (3) times at least as it is now; and this quantity of water is coming back to inundate hundreds of towns and then the great evacuation will be a huge challenge to humanity. I cited tens of causes of the increase of water on planet earth in earlier posts.

The increase of heat is also putting it's words in this post; heat is increasing the decomposition of wood, of trees' trunks, of metals, of buildings' paints and is also decomposing soil components. Heat is causing huge fires around the world and examples are so many to see out there; Australian fires, Californian fires and Peru fires are not just a product of climate change as some people think but they are also results of Higgs boson experiment which is making strong winds blowing on dried heated forests.

My last idea in this post shouldn't be underestimated because its saying that Higgs boson magnetic field is at full strength; and this means that the change in natural phenomena on earth will be faster, faster and faster, and this change could be seen in the shortness of salad in the UK, in Australian floods, in the Algerian snow in the desert, in Japan's cloudy sky and in Californian rising rivers.
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