Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Announcement (96)

Majorana fermions interaction with time particles is a physical phenomenon which was in my mind for long time to talk about it; I think that this announcement is made by a great man who has a good luck to bring in it's information; because the talk about time in particle physics has nonsense.

Majorana fermions are bigger than time particles  of the past by (10) times and this is what makes these last integration into majorana fermions easy and simple; and this integration is similar to the blood inside human being body and this means that time particles are the smallest particles and even smaller than monitochs. What I want to say here is that majorana fermions are the only particles holders to time particles and their existence is in all matter; and this means that majorana fermions are the first and the last manipulators to time particles. I would like to add the figure below to approach the idea of majorana fermions holding to time particles.

Because we are talking about time particles integration into majorana fermions we should look at mountains how they are becoming older and this is through their flatting because their matter is decaying due to the process of integration to bigger time particles by majorana fermions. Mountains are also suffering from Higgs boson magnetism decay to their particles, and the water molecule is making them heavier to finish by breaking apart or collapse.

Another phenomenon which could be explained concerning majorana fermions is that their flexibility to create more space inside them where to lodge time particles is a subject of concern because the hypothesis which I am suggesting is saying that majorana fermions are in our hands to be seen by the naked eye and by introducing technology to consult them is a solution to resolve all kind of problems of the uncertainty of their composition. I think that my offer doesn't end here but also the problem of time will be resolved as the space of time particles could be pictured inside majorana fermions.

I have to say that my understanding to majorana fermions should be shared in order to put the light on a new field of research in particle physics. And to add another idea of this understanding is a good will of information sharing; because majorana fermions are time particles holders and this means that the body clock inside any matter is manipulated by majorana fermions by switching time particles inside them depending on the movement of our universe forwards or backwards.
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