Friday, 24 February 2017

Announcement (98)

Surprises have no end!! Higgs boson experiment is making the option of "All change" real; and this change in all phenomena must be understood by all scientists of the world in order to grab recognition to Higgs boson discoverer. My intention in this 

announcement is to remind all scientific communities to join me to analyse Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth and at least in the solar system with their technological means; and the aim from this maneuver is to set a serious plan of adaptation to humanity because the change of everything has an expensive price.

I should find real diggers in Higgs boson experiment to minimize the losses of commodities around the world because Higgs boson magnetic field is putting everything in constant acceleration, and honestly I have no clue to stop this acceleration, or at least to spare some of it's connections from building extensively. I know that each second has it's value because the matter is about particle physics and the decay of subatomic particles is without doubt leading to the decay of all our universe. So please hurry, hurry and hurry.

Higgs boson magnetic field is at it's full strength and it's manipulation to subatomic particles has already taken effects on their spiral rotations to switch these rotations direction from right to left; and that's why we are seeing time is becoming slower to make a delay in the normal known time by 1/10 of a second; also this delay in time will increase to 1/2 of a second in the next few months.

Higgs boson magnetic field looks like a spider web which is at construction all time to add all matter and anti matter after their decay to their lowest energy form to this construction; so there is no surprise that human beings also will be decomposed and decayed to subatomic particles then added to Higgs boson magnetism as Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; the situation here of my call to scientists is to gain more time and making humanity surviving longer.

I have to say that whats shocking me is that the whole world scientists response to 
my ideas of discoveries and especially from scientists in particle physics; this response is disappointing because up to date there is none comments. Never mind! And today I am making a new call to raise awareness about the fast building of Higgs boson magnetic field and it's destruction to planet earth.
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