Saturday, 23 April 2016

Higgs Boson Insulation (04)

Higgs boson insulation (04) is an update subject to what it has been explained in earlier posts about the insulation of our universe from the outside space; as we live in the second stage of the new era of life and because of the significant advance in Higgs boson 

experiment; our universe has taken a new development which is huge paths in inflation; it’s end has became wider by up to 100 miles, and this widening is calculated through the decomposition of many kind of matter which could be seen on planet earth.

I do believe that 1 mm on planet earth is equal to 100 meters at the end edge of our universe and this means that the cracks which we are seeing on planet earth are a response to the occurring widening in our universe because any created empty spaces at it’s end edge have to be filled with particles from inside it; so the created empty spaces on planet earth are one of the empty spaces inside our universe to full fill this task.

There are also many proofs of decayed matter on planet earth and such proofs are: landslides because of the decomposed soil, the appearance of many cracks on land in many areas in the world, very high clouds because of the lightning in the atmosphere, melted icebergs because of the decayed ice, dried grasses and trees because of the loss of their particles, higher seas because of the loss of their acidity, and higher water evaporation because of the increase in the sun’s heat. What I wanted to say from the statement above is that planet earth is loosing so many particles very fast.

Higgs boson insulation is one of the most important element to understand inflation in our universe; and inflation is the most important element to make the travel back of our universe possible and both elements Higgs boson insulation and inflation are the result of Higgs boson experiment and this last could never happen without the discovery of Higgs boson inside the Rugosa corals. I am sure that my hypothesis of the theory of the end of the world is the most consistent hypothesis ever.

My writing today comes from deep anger because of the world’s ignorance to my researches, but make sure that this world will pay a very expensive price for upsetting me.  
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