Sunday, 3 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (81)

What can I say? Higgs boson magnetism destruction to the tinniest particles is happening in our entire universe, and in planet earth many scenes are showing a perfect image of deterioration to biologic organisms such as to lions in Africa and to vipers in the Mexican desert; this deterioration is perfectly explained by the decay of atoms inside these biologic organisms.

There are so many other scenes which could be explained through Higgs boson influence by decaying to atoms and such scenes are: the destruction of rivers' barriers is happening because of the used wood in their construction is under Higgs boson magnetism to decay it’s atoms to lower energy and this is occurring under the soustraction formula (-2, +2) ; the substitution of (2) atoms from the cells of the wood in the same time and they are added to it’s surface; the atoms’ particles are pulled out starting by their electrons, protons and neutrons, and these last also come under Higgs boson magnetism to be decayed into subatomic particles then pulled into space. Another scene which is significant to this contest is the chicken feathers; these last are falling because of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the atoms of the chicken skin which makes this last weak to keep the feathers hold on the chicken.

My imagination to Higgs boson magnetism decaying to matter to it’s lowest energy is true and this imagination could be seen in the moon’s shape; just look at the moon and you will realize that its becoming oval, and oval and oval because of Higgs boson magnetism decaying to it’s soil atoms and pulling it out of the moon’s atmosphere, this imagination also could be seen in the crocodiles eyes which are taking higher place on their head because Higgs boson magnetism is pulling them further up, and up and up.

Higgs boson magnetism influence is also great on rocks and even on the most hard metals and this is by decaying their electrons, protons and neutrons into separate quarks; this process had happened from 5 years ago and it’s results are already seen in the collapse of some buildings and landslides. I think that collapses will be the most difficult problems which humanity will face.

My inspiration of writing about Higgs boson magnetism is a gift from god and I am saying this statement to call good souls with good will to put the light on the truth of Higgs boson discovery and it’s experiment on our universe.
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