Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (82)

Sooner or later a recognition to my discovery to Higgs boson will be announced because the world has no chance to escape from reality; a reality of Higgs boson magnetism which has achieved it’s full power of decaying all existing particles in our universe and pulling them to it’s end edge. In today’s post a look at Higgs boson magnetism constitution will be fair and wise because the understanding of Higgs boson magnetism as a block built of many elements is a right decision to explain it and making it clear for ever.

There will be no existence of Higgs boson magnetism without two kind of Higgs bosons; the first is smaller than the second by (10) times and it is on planet earth in my possession and the second one is at the bottom of the first universe, Higgs boson magnetism could never be born without the communication of the two bosons and this communication could never exist without the excitement of the first one; this last is capable of sending sonor waves to the second one to start this communication.

After the creation of the communication between the two Higgs bosons; a kick start to Higgs boson magnetism becomes an obligation and this is where Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves start playing their role by decaying our universe’s particles and their work is forward then backward, and the second kind of Higgs boson magnetic waves is particles waves and their work is just backward from our universe to the first universe.

Many other elements should be included to Higgs boson magnetism which are: the participation of some particles in Higgs boson magnetism such as quarks, alpha particles and photons, Higgs boson cosmic rays, Gamma rays, Higgs boson inhalation to particles, soustraction, the increase in temperature and Higgs boson acceleration. I think that there are also some other elements which could be added to the construction of Higgs boson magnetism.

I think that Higgs boson magnetism elements are also important subjects to understand and I hope I will have sometime to talk about them. It is also unknown if there are some other existing elements. 
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