Sunday, 24 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (92)

The substitution of the water molecule from seas, land, rivers and lakes is not only made by the sun’s heat but also by Higgs boson magnetism, because Higgs boson magnetism process has a pulling force; so it works against all particles direction to reverse them and making them travelling back. In this post I am interested to talk about the water molecule travel from planet earth to it’s atmosphere under Higgs boson magnetism influence.

First of all; the water molecule is in increase on planet earth because of Higgs boson magnetism decaying to many molecules to extract water; a good example of this extraction is the decay of methane and carbon dioxide and many other hydrocarbures; the chemical equations below are showing this statement:
CH4 + Higgs boson magnetism → C + H4
CO2 + Higgs boson magnetism → C + O2
H4 + O2 + Higgs boson magnetism → 2 H2O

As we already know that the stage of life in which we are living is a stage of water; and this means that the water molecule will dominate up to (80)% of the existing matter and this is due to Higgs boson magnetism double function; the first function is to extract water and the second function is to make it flying all around planet earth atmosphere. I think that the water molecule is already invading the sky through the accumulation of clouds.

Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to the water molecule on planet earth is so obvious and this could be seen in the clouds movements around the world. I think that the clouds direction has changed completely comparing it to their direction before 2012 and many examples are here to witness what I am saying; the passing clouds on the Middle East are representing a new passage to clouds specially the ones passing on Saudis Arabia, Yemen and the United Emirates, also the passing clouds on China are huge with new shape, and the concentration of clouds on Mongolia, North East Russia and Japan is a new concentration of clouds in the world. I would like to add another example of new clouds passage which is the passing clouds on Australia are a good mirror to Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to clouds.

My conception to a new world is pictured in a scene of water domination and I think that (5/4) of land will disappear under water where humanity will have a small piece of land to live on. I think that an agreement should be done between nations to make a fair share to this piece of land.

My conclusion to this post is by reminding you that humanity has to face the challenge of increase of water on planet earth and this is by recognizing Higgs boson discovery and let Higgs boson discoverer fix this problem.
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