Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (93)

I would like to add new information concerning Higgs boson magnetism, this information is about Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ formation. As we already know that Higgs boson magnetism is decaying the existing particles in our universe into sub subatomic particles to integrate them inside it and manipulating them through it’s rotations to make inflation building each day.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are good proofs to Higgs boson experiment because they will be visible to the naked eye and this is through building to huge quantity of particles, I am sure that traces of them are seen inside the movement of clouds and sand storms; these last particles are pulled very far towards the north east.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are rotational and they are capable of pulling any particle in their way and this is what adds to their power more force to pull bigger particles and to make them easy to decay. I think that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves will be able to pull bigger particles up to the size of planet earth, and because Higgs boson magnetism is at it’s beginning it’s evidences could be seen in the formation of firenadoes.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves could be seen in the genesis of firenadoes because of two causes; the first is the allowance of fire to spread into the sky because its pulled from it’s four corners through monitochs acrobats, and the second cause is the lightning of the atmosphere; this means that there is less condensation of particles inside the air allowing fire to spread quickly.

A short word to conclude this post; I think that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves had achieved almost (09)% of their power of pulling and this is whats making earthquakes numerous and higher in magnitude, and the world has to prepare for this challenge.
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