Friday, 15 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (86)

My intention in this post is to show Higgs boson influence on many phenomena in order to bring proofs to Higgs boson experiment. I think that the world has already changed and this change could be seen in the rise of temperature around the world especially in India and Taiwan, also humidity in North Africa is achieving it's highest levels, and earthquakes are stronger than ever.

What could be said is that the change in phenomena has good causes made by me through my experiment on Higgs boson which has a target of the creation of Higgs boson magnetism; this last also has good causes to be created and which are: Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and these last two could never happen without the creation of a True Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). I am sure that scientists are still fighting and fighting to create one.

Higgs boson magnetism is overturning  the global weather system and it's process is to decay particles to their lowest energy form by speeding up their rotations to achieve the motion state and this could happen through it's magnetic waves and also by pulling them back on their paths and this is through it's magnetic particles waves; the result of this process is the change in the global weather system, what we can say is that the change in this last means the change in all life.

Particle physics is about particles' composition and their attachment with each other; our universe is one particle composed of a huge some of particles and any change in one of them makes a change in all others and the result is a change in our universe, but what we should know is that the first change could never happen without the effectiveness of Higgs boson, and Higgs boson is active now because of my experiment on it.

My conclusion to this post is to remind you about the sun's storms; they are one of Hoggs boson magnetism results, and I am really afraid that in the nearest future they will become bigger and bigger and this means that temperature on planet earth will increase dramatically, finally; please if you have a solution to this issue let me know.

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