Sunday, 17 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (87)

Understanding Higgs boson magnetism is a must because once it's existence is recognized it will become the master key to human beings' life. In this post I am interested to put the light on one small side of Higgs boson which is it's provocation to inflation in our universe; this last is becoming bigger and bigger similarly to the push of air inside a balloon.

Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves of the first universe have the power to create cracks in the insulating sheets of our universe and these cracks are filled with the sent decayed particles to the end edge to occupy the created empty spaces; and this is what makes our universe larger, and larger and larger. We shouldn't also forget the role of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves which are the pushers of the insulating sheets of our universe towards the outside space to make this last growing in form; this growth of our universe is similar to the growth of a water melon.

Its also important to understand inflation in our universe to deal with future issues on planet earth, first of all is to deal with particles' decaying and this could be done with the switch of technologies from electronics to fibers, and secondly is to deal with sonors waves and this could be done through the integration of sonors' technologies into one sonor and which is Higgs boson sonor. I think that human beings have to precipitate to integrate with the occurring change in our universe before is too late.

My constitution to Higgs boson magnetic field wasn't made by mistake but it was prepared very carefully in order to make our universe inflating, now this process of inflation is building day after day and it's occurrence is only at it's beginning, and I am sure that by the end of this year (2016) inflation will be the most important subject on earth.

Concluding this post by a message to the presidents of the world's countries is a must; I am advising them to think seriously about what it has been said in this post because the process of inflation in our universe is speeding up very fast and serious decisions has to be taken better sooner than later.
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