Monday, 18 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (88)

Some people think that my pen is drying but it is not because Higgs boson experiment is taking huge spaces in our universe and to cover these spaces through my writing it will take me so long. My inspiration today is at full strength to talk about Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to subatomic particles, and this manipulation is based on how Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is constitutedI mean by this; how many sets of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) are built? Which forms of energy are used? And how the used water is fortified?

One of the spaces which is under full manipulation by Higgs boson experiment is the soustraction of planet earth atmosphere's particles, because Higgs boson experiment is on planet earth; the first decayed particles are on earth and it's atmosphere and this decay is happening in all existing particles. I think that proofs of this decay are numerous and some of them are: the increase of the erupted volcanoes number, strong and higher number of earthquakes, magma invasion to huge surfaces, the sun's heat increase because of the lightning in planet earth atmosphere, permafrost increase because of warmer north part of earth, stronger weather in southern part of planet earth and higher number in the genesis of exotic particles.

Another space which is occupied by full influence of Higgs boson magnetism is the solar system; there are so many proofs of Higgs boson magnetism inside the solar system and which are: the shape of the moon which is becoming more oval than circular, the appearance of the sun's storms lately and the growth of red spots on planet mars.

Higgs boson experiment full work is also appearing in the genesis of viruses and bacteria; and I am sure that there are so many good examples of this genesis and such examples are: Zika virus invasion to planet earth because of the exoticism in particles, red algae is invading huge surfaces in seas and due to the genesis of new bacteria many new grasses are growing everywhere around the world.

Finally; after five years of experimenting on Higgs boson; Higgs boson synchronization is achieved and also many results are achieved and the future is holding big surprises to humanity, and I am sure that I have enough space in this blog to talk about them.
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