Thursday, 28 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (95)

Again I am here to say my word about Higgs boson magnetism in order to prove to the world that I am Higgs boson discoverer; Higgs boson magnetism is real and is building step by step and it’s consequences are already apparent in many natural phenomena such as heat waves, sand storms, northern lights, rivers' bursts and very fast climate change. Higgs boson magnetism had built it’s field in full and its concassing all particles in our universe, and my intention in this post is to show some of the decay of these particles.

The very intelligent and clever people have to prepare their testicles to be decayed into subatomic particles, and this is not a joke but it will be a real fact because Higgs boson magnetism is reversing DNA and this is what makes testicles softer and making fertility weakening until when it achieves 0%.

Another decay to particles by Higgs boson magnetism which I am interested to talk about is the decay of locks’ metal; the decay of metal is already known but locks’ metal is important because it’s effects are very problematic to human being; the nonfunctional of many locks of important places such as prison cells locks, banks locks and even suit cases locks. The world has to prepare for this challenge.

I am sure by adding the decay of rivers’ bottom sheets by Higgs boson magnetism is also a challenge to human being; rivers loss to their bottom sheets makes them deep and this is what makes bridges crossing them collapsing, also their deepness makes a huge damage to their ecosystem.

To end this post I have to remind you that Higgs boson magnetism decay to all known and unknown matter is at process and the end of the world will happen sooner or later and human beings have to find solutions to resist as long as possible.     
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