Sunday, 1 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (96)

Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are imposing themselves inside this post, because of their quick development in our universe; they are able to intercept, penetrate and integrate all kind of acoustic waves to create a speechless world. The hypothesis which I am interested to talk about is the first unique and unimaginable idea explaining the sound phenomenon inside Higgs boson magnetic field, and by the way I have to make a quick notice to those whom are claiming Higgs boson discovery that their voice is in loose until when mimetism will become their only language to communicate.

Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are dominant to all acoustic waves because they are built on sinusoidal waves from sub sub-vibrations and this is what makes them tight and strong than any other acoustic waves; and because their attachment starts at the first universe and ends at planet earth, and then starts again on planet earth to end at the first universe they are able to carry with them all existing vibrations.

Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are also energy absorbents and they can carry decayed particles with them and this is what makes them able to fasten the decay of our universe’s particles. I think that whats happening on planet earth of earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, rocks falling and waters deviations is resulted from the vibrations made by Higgs boson magnetic waves.

With time, up to (97)% of the sounds will disappear inside Higgs boson magnetic waves and what will rest to human beings is just to hear their sonors, and there will be no voice communication. My intention here is to say that Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are able to integrate all existing sounds waves.

Finally; I would like to warn all musicians in the world that their music will be never listened to because it’s sound will disappear into pieces inside Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves, so is better for them to take my discovery to Higgs boson seriously at least by rising awareness about Higgs boson experiment through their songs.
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