Friday, 27 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (113)

My introduction to this post is a clear image of Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to all existing particles in our universe; this manipulation is built on soustraction formula (-1, +1) and this means that all particles will obey to this formula and will be integrated into Higgs

boson magnetism. the image I wanted to show is a universe built just on subatomic particles; and these subatomic particles are: omega particles, majorana fermions, glue balls, monitochs and Higgs boson cosmic rays.

Higgs boson magnetism manipulation to particles is one of the magnificent proofs to Higgs boson discovery; and this manipulation has come to a serious point where the decay of particles has increased and this is whats making it’s speed increasing as well; the consequences of this situation are obvious in many scenes on planet earth and such consequences are: heat waves, floods, heavy rains, the increase of erupted volcanoes, the increase of earthquakes number, ice melting in North pole and strong winds.

The increase of subatomic particles is speeding Higgs boson magnetism and this process magnitude has achieved a non turning point, and from now up big natural events are at their beginning and some of these events are: huge sun’s storms, comets increase in number and very high level of humidity on planet earth. Also the increase of subatomic particles is making inflation at it’s extreme.

Again the increase of subatomic particles in our universe makes Higgs boson magnetism building stronger and faster and this is what leads to faster decay of particles and bigger energies; this decay of energies makes temperature increasing at it’s extreme. My imagination to the increase of temperature on planet earth is overwhelming.

To finish this post I have to remind you about Higgs boson acceleration; it has slowed down to (-4, +4) and this is due to Higgs boson magnetism manipulation through Higgs boson experiment. I think that human beings are entering the third stage of the new era of life where changes in natural phenomena will be so obvious.


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