Saturday, 7 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (99)

My availability to go back to the university has all my time, my money and my energy because all the matter is about a presentation of a thesis in front of a scientific comity. I am able to grab recognition to all my researches but with one condition; if and only if planet earth will not decompose yet. In this post I am happy to present few ideas about Higgs boson magnetism occulation.

In “Higgs Manifesto” post we understood that Higgs boson is an occulator and this means that it has a kind of voice to communicate with other speechless bosons, and this voice is built on sonors, by these sonors it gives orders to other bosons to obey to it’s instructions of movement, of rotations of placement, of communication and of self destruction, and also this voice is imposed on all kind of particles.

I have to come up with soustraction in this context as well because the diminution of particles occurs under the process of sonors' vibration to enter in Higgs boson mouth then their ejection in new state in a lower energy form. So Higgs boson mechanism of decaying particles could never happen without Higgs boson sonors because they are the source of it’s magnetism.

Higgs boson communication also explained to us that Higgs boson of planet earth is able to send it’s sonors to Higgs boson of the first universe and this means that these sonors are faster than the speed of light by (10) times, otherwise they will be broken in their way. Higgs boson of the first universe is even faster and bigger and that’s why is capable of holding and breaking all particles of our universe.

What it has been said in this post is an opening door to a kind of Higgs boson magnetism which is vibrational and it is the most important in all Higgs boson magnetisms.   

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