Monday, 16 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (104)

In this post my intention is with Higgs boson magnetic particles waves as contributors to Higgs boson magnetism, their relation with Higgs boson magnetism is competitive; as we already know that Higgs boson magnetism was created by Higgs boson of planet earth and 

is working now under the power of Higgs boson of the first universe, and the sent acoustic waves from Higgs boson of this last are the main important cause to decay masses in our universe and to make a raw material of particles to allow Higgs boson magnetic waves to be born and that's why the competition here is between the power of pulling and the ready particles to be pulled and to form Higgs boson magnetic particles waves, so the balance between both is an important key point to create a perfect Higgs boson magnetic field.

It is also important to notice that Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are still at their beginning of formation and that's why I am begging the world to wake up and look at my discovery very seriously because each second is valuable and each value is a loss of some particles from planet earth; and this loss could never be reversed again because reversing Higgs boson magnetism is something impossible but it’s cut off is in my hands.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are sustained by Higgs boson magnetism otherwise their existence could never happen; because Higgs boson magnetism is the turning engine; it has the ability to build them and increase their speed to achieve a (π) form. Higgs boson magnetism acceleration slowdown also has an intriguing role to extend Higgs boson magnetic particles waves during the process of our universe’s inflation, and that's why the decay of masses becomes faster and faster due to a need to bigger quantity of particles.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves’ submersion is similar to the mushroom shape and they are able to form a golden ration in a (π) form and this means that they are space invaders  and that's why higher energies are turning into smaller ones. Space invasion by Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is a very difficult process to understand but to have a close image of it is similar to the growth of wheat stems.

Finally; Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are building very quick and their consequences will be good proofs to my experiment on Higgs boson with no doubt, and I am sure I will be able to write more about them in the future.
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