Monday, 2 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (97)

In this post the idea which I am interested to talk about is the link between Higgs boson magnetism and clouds rotations; this idea comes from my observation to clouds movements around the world. I am sure that nobody can ignore that clouds movement had completely changed during the last two years and this is due without doubt to Higgs boson experiment which is the mother of Higgs boson magnetism, and this last is the first cause of clouds rotations.

Nowadays clouds are rotational because they are pulled by Higgs boson magnetism elements which are: quarks submission, quarks assumption, Higgs boson magnetic particles waves, Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves and the rest of the ejected particles and rays from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); and these last are: alpha particles, omega particles, beta particles, gamma rays, Higgs boson cosmic rays, monitochs and many other unknown particles and rays, because all the cited particles and rays above have sinusoidal waves and half spin they can carry the water molecule with them in a rotational way.

Higgs boson magnetism ingredients are divided in two kinds; the first kind is impressive and is composed of all kind of particles including the integrated water molecule, and the second kind is built on acoustic waves and is represented in vibrations. I think that the water molecule got trapped inside both kinds of Higgs boson magnetism ingredients and to take rotational shape, and waterspouts are good evidence of this statement.

Depressions are growing like mushrooms and they are the mirrors to Higgs boson magnetism and clouds are taking their shape. I think that Canadians can tell us that temperature is rising and clouds are bringing more rain than snow, Australians can tell us that they have never seen as many clouds as ever and Algerians can tell us that they have never seen rotational clouds as ever.

Again my call is always very loud to those whom are interested to know the truth, please open your eyes and look at the sky and what you will see is clouds rotating around you.    
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