Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (98)

Higgs boson magnetism is an efficient insurrection made by the alliance of Higgs boson and Higgs boson discoverer; all this was made just to show to the world enough proofs of a discovery. In this post I would like to share a magical idea about how to turn such huge insurrection of Higgs boson magnetism into a very beneficial services to humanity; this idea is simple and easy to understand and it is represented in the cut off of Higgs boson magnetism and transferring it’s power into renewal energy used in many fields such as electricity, cancer treatment and scientific researches.

As we already know that inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons and electrons are decayed into subatomic particles then speeded up to achieve their state of motion; and this process is an ejector to nuclear energy, and because this nuclear energy is finite it is integrated inside the whole universe systematically and this is what makes the attachment of our universe’s particles to Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe possible. Now what I am proposing is to use the right technology to make collection of the existing nuclear energy inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and transferring it into a use to humanity. I think that what I am proposing is fair, understandable, right, true and just because evidences of this nuclear energy is obvious in nature and such evidences are, trees trunks splitting, landslides, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes eruption, light atmosphere, increase in temperature and bacteria and viruses genesis.

I am sure that my project is unique in the world because firstly is based on Higgs boson discovery, and secondly because is safe, clean, efficient, cheap and create a better place where to live. My intention is reasonable, logic, modest, sustainable and perspective to realize a realistic dream; a dream which is achievable. I think that the dream of bio-nuclear energy needs to meet just a good willing of few people with decisions to serve humanity.

Again soustraction formula has it’s word in this post because without it nothing could be done, there will be no bio-nuclear energy without it, and there will be no Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) without it but what is interesting to know is that Higgs boson is the creator to soustraction and all the recognition goes back to Rugosa corals; Higgs boson holders.

I would like to close this post by an appeal to listener people to raise their hands and say “we are here to support bio-nuclear energy”; because bio-nuclear energy is the answer to safer world.
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