Thursday, 19 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (108)

My intention today is to write about Higgs boson magnetism composition as a whole system which has the power of pulling all our universe’s particles back and integrating them into the 5th universe; this last has a double space to hold our universe. As we already know that Higgs boson magnetism task is to carry any particle from point (A) to point (B), and just imagine that our universe is one particle and able to move from (A) to (B) under the work of Higgs boson magnetism elements as one engine.

The first element participating in Higgs boson magnetism construction is Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves; Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves are the source of Higgs boson magnetism, and without them it could never be build, they are also it’s kick starters. I already explained that Higgs boson magnetic acoustic waves cause to build is the rotations of particles of the 1st universe and direction is forwards and backwards.

The second element of construction of Higgs boson magnetism is Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; Higgs boson magnetic particles waves have an important role in the building of Higgs boson magnetism because without them it has no sense; and this means that particles movement is the energy feeder to Higgs boson magnetism and because of them our universe travel back becomes possible, also they are the power to Higgs boson magnetism as a whole.

Higgs boson magnetism third component is Higgs boson mechanism; this mechanism is based on soustraction and this last is created by Higgs boson characteristic of inhalation to air and to particles.

The fourth element of Higgs boson magnetism is Higgs boson as a unique boson; Higgs boson characteristics are so many and one of them is the creation to magnetism and this is due to it’s inspiration to air and to particles and also it’s decay to molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons and any existing particle; this decay means an ejection to nuclear energy which is also a source of Higgs boson magnetism.

The last element of Higgs boson magnetism is the concassassion to particles by Higgs boson; Higgs boson can break and dismantle particles to their lower energy and this is what makes these smaller energies easy and fast to rotate; these rotations of these energies are an additive power to Higgs boson magnetism to build faster and become stronger.

There are other elements which could be added to Higgs boson magnetism and which I will explain in future posts.

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