Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-7)

Higgs boson syndications are the answer to the occurring change on planet earth in all sides and that’s why I decided to bring some of them in this post. I am willing to talk about five syndications which are convincing evidences of the occurring change on planet earth due to Higgs boson experiment.

The first of Higgs boson syndications is soil deterioration; planet earth soil is deteriorating because of many causes and such causes are: alpha particles interaction with soil particles, the increase of lightning rate, the increase in the sun’s heat, the increase in water evaporation and heavy rains, higher rivers and seas, the increase in the moon’s light and higher magnitude in Higgs boson magnetism. I think that these causes are deteriorating earth’s soil very fast.

The second of Higgs boson syndications is water extraction from planet earth; water extraction is not a new phenomenon but what is new is the level of this extraction; water quantity is increasing very fast because of many causes and such causes are: permafrost increase causing high level of ejection of methane, Higgs boson magnetism decaying to many molecules containing hydrogen and oxygen, very fast growth of grasses and trees locking carbon and ejecting oxygen, higher level of sulphur in the atmosphere because of the increase in the erupted volcanoes; this sulphur interacts with many molecules to freeing oxygen and hydrogen, the chemical equation below is witnessing this statement
S + C2H4 → SC2H2 + H2

The third of Higgs boson syndications is heat; planet earth is assisting an unprecedented increase of temperature and proofs of what I am saying are numerous; Canada fires, temperature in Cairo and New Delhi achieved (46) and (47). The increase in heat on planet earth is due to many causes and such causes are: Higgs boson acceleration to particles, the spread of the sun’s heat in our universe due to Higgs boson magnetism and chemicals interactions on planet earth. I am sure that in the months of June and July temperature will rise to 55 Celsius in some areas in the world.

The fourth of Higgs boson syndications is meteors; I already explained why meteors will invade planet earth, and their main cause is Higgs boson magnetism which is detaching them from other planets with it’s power of pulling to meet planet earth atmosphere.

The last of Higgs boson syndications is the increase of seas and oceans level; the quantity of seawater is increasing without doubt and coasts inundations are proving this statement, and the main cause of this increase of seawater is water extraction.

Finally; I love to write about Higgs boson syndications because they are bringing so many evidences to Higgs boson experiment.
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