Monday, 16 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (106)

What I should bring in this post is that Higgs boson magnetism growth has made a huge path and many of it’s consequences could be seen on planet earth; and one of these consequences is the change in the color of the sky, Higgs boson magnetism is making the 
water molecule evaporating quicker to travel in the atmosphere very high and preventing it to condensate to become rain, because of clouds dispersion the sky is becoming more white than blue.

Also my mind is with clouds visiting China everyday; their visit is not born from nothing but it is a genesis made by Higgs boson magnetism, and clouds on the Libyan’s sky are also a good image to Higgs boson magnetism, and once we look at New Zealand’s sky we understand that the clouds in it are not present by mistake but they are a perfection to Higgs boson magnetism.

Another image of Higgs boson magnetism which couldn’t be mistaken is the increase of erupted volcanoes number; I am sure that nobody can ignore that the number of erupted volcanoes has increased and this is due to Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the bottom’s earth particles.

Rising sea is also a good phenomenon of Higgs boson magnetism because this last is able to attach the seawater and pulling it up and up, and the result of this process is higher seas and oceans.

One of Higgs boson consequences which shouldn’t be ignored is chemicals’ interactions in the sky; Higgs boson magnetism is capable of pulling many different chemicals such as sulphur, carbon and oxygen and causes interactions between them to produce new kind of molecules such as (SCO5) and (SCO7).

Finally; Higgs boson magnetism consequences are so many and with time they will become the strongest proofs to my experiment on Higgs boson.
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