Monday, 16 May 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (103)

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves are still in need to clarification and they will occupy large space within this blog. In this post I am interested to talk about Higgs boson magnetic particles waves as insulators to our universe, and their formation is built on (+1, +1) particle 
to close any space between particles and with their extension to the end edge of our universe they can form an insulating sheet all around our universe; this process could be made if only there is Higgs boson mechanism at work.

Higgs boson magnetic particles waves have a double function; the first is to integrate all free particles into Higgs boson magnetism and the second function is to insulate our universe. The process of these two functions is built on the soustraction formula which is (-1, +1); a (-1) particle is soustrated from space to be added to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves (+1), and it is also based on Higgs boson inhalation to particles.

Higgs boson is a unique boson because of it’s huge mass, so it has the capabilities to swallow millions of particles in the same time, to decay them into lower energy forms then to eject them in a constant speed to make them able to integrate into Higgs boson magnetic particles waves and to adapt them inside Higgs boson magnetism trajectory, then to inflate them and to make of them a perfect sheet of insulation. I think that human beings have a long time to understand this process.

I am interested to add an idea about the existing black hole between our universe and the 5th universe and Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; these last end at the mouth of the black hole and to get linked to the 5th universe and dragged inside it and this is what I am calling the passassion of our universe into the 5th universe; and this means that our universe is emptying inside the 5th universe.

My conclusion to this post is by reminding you that planet earth is loosing it’s particles and this is what will make it smaller and smaller and this could happen in a short time.

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