Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Higgs Boson Syndication (14-8)

Conditions on planet earth has raised a new syndication which I am interested to talk about in this post; the growth of new grasses are creating serious damages to agricultural lands and to green surfaces such as golf grounds and distraction parks. I would like to share with you five causes of this growth of new grasses and their damages to agricultural lands .

The first cause of the growth of new grasses is climate change due to Higgs boson experiment; so many new grasses are growing in agricultural lands because of the change in climate and this change has occurred because of the results of Higgs boson experiment, and some of these results are: the increase of temperature on planet earth, high level of humidity and heavy rains.

The second cause of the growth of new grasses is DNA reversing; there is no doubt that DNA is reversing and proofs of this reversing are everywhere and one of these proofs is the appearance of new grasses.

The third cause of the growth of new grasses is the change in soil composition; because soil is loosing it’s particles this makes it’s composition different and allowing new kind of grasses to grow inside it.

The fourth cause of the growth of new grasses is high level of humidity; humidity is a good creator of right conditions to new grasses to grow and this is by keeping them in constant watering, and making their leaves absorbing extra water.

The last cause of the growth of new grasses is the sun’s heat; heat is an important fact to new grasses to appear especially in the northern part of planet earth. Heat on cold water inside soil creates good conditions to new seeds to form and make new grasses able to grow.

Finally; new grasses growth is a good proof to Higgs boson experiment, and within the next few years new grasses will be more dominant and the world has to find solutions to cop with them.
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