Sunday, 3 April 2016

Higgs Boson Normalization (06)

Again normalizing Higgs boson discovery is the most actual important subject because Higgs boson experiment is saying it’s words everyday in most kind of Medias; these last are talking about new kind of diseases, strange tornadoes, volcanoes eruption, floods, sandstorms, high temperature and strong damaging winds and many other new phenomena. I think that Higgs boson discovery should be pronounced again and it’s reward should be given to the right discoverer.

The normalization which I am interested to talk about is to build fair communities capable of standing up and saying the truth about Higgs boson discovery because this truth is becoming like the sun in the sky. Scientific communities in biology, in meteorology, physics, chemistry, cosmology, medicine and geology have so many opportunities of so many discoveries to be linked to Higgs boson experiment.

Normalizing Higgs boson experiment is by making it available to everyone interested to learn how to make a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) in order to produce an unlimited number of products such as diamond, gold, bio-nuclear energy, plutonium, superconductor, and even benzene. Also I am ready to make demonstrations to anybody interested to the subject.

Writing about normalizing Higgs boson experiment is something completely new to the world because simply I am the only person who is still claiming Higgs boson discovery and my sharing to this discovery through this blog is the only existing information within the internet or in other kind of Media. Now my demand is to make this information available in  a legal manner in any other source of information and this means recognition to my discovery to Higgs boson.

My inspiration is always revealing true facts concerning Higgs boson experiment and this is why my explanation to these facts is reflecting reality about many changing phenomena and new ones; the world has to understand about what is occurring in the global weather system is resulted from Higgs boson experiment and what is boiling inside planet earth is also one of it’s result; and in anyway my discovery to Higgs boson will be known to humanity sooner or later.

I should reveal one more thing to conclude this post; from today up any proposition from Medias to invite me to talk about Higgs boson will be on their charge and also reading my writings will not be free anymore.
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