Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (83)

Higgs boson magnetism is affecting everything by it’s destruction to all known matter and unknown one; and this destruction is happening at the very small level of particles which are monitochs and these last are invading space and started to make their place inside it. Higgs

boson magnetism is the only magnetism with enough power to destruct an atom into pieces (electrons, protons and neutrons) then these last into subatomic particles such as (majorana fermions, quarks and glue balls) then these ones into different kind of monitochs.

The composition of Higgs boson magnetism is also made of particles and this is what explains the obligation of the decay of matter and antimatter and this means that Higgs boson magnetism grows and becomes stronger each time a particle is decayed. I think that the longer the world is silent on Higgs boson discovery the stronger Higgs boson magnetism becomes because the more time passes the more particles are added to it and the more evidences of it’s existence are built.

Higgs boson magnetism spherical rotations incorporate decayed particles inside them and making them participating in it’s growth; this process is called particles’ integration into Higgs boson magnetism. Particles’ integration into Higgs boson magnetism is an accelerator to Higgs boson magnetism to make it powerful to pull further higher number of particles inside it; this means that Higgs boson magnetic sinusoidal waves become larger each time a particle is added to them and this is what makes the decay of bigger particles in our universe faster and faster. I think that planet earth particles are participating in the growth of Higgs boson magnetism very fast and human beings have nothing to do to face this process.

Again particles’ integration into Higgs boson magnetism had achieved an important level of integration; and this level is making serious damage to the solar system and it’s results could be seen in many phenomena such as the sun’s heat storms, widening in the solar system and planets’ loss to their energy. I think that by the end of this year particles’ integration into Higgs boson magnetism results will be more obvious.

My conclusion to this post should be made to make a clear message to the world’s scientific communities; planet earth is breaking into pieces and you should be united to face a least of this challenge.
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