Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Higgs Boson Normalization (07)

Soustraction mechanism is the hidden tool behind the understanding of the occurring change in our universe; and this change should be looked at in a normal way, this is what I am calling normalizing Higgs boson and it’s experiment.

There are so many new natural scenes and they should be normalized because they are the products of Higgs boson experiment and some of them are: the moon is taking an oval shape because Higgs boson magnetism is pulling it’s particles in the atmosphere, India is heating up because of the tropical line moving further north, Australia is assisting floods everyday because planet earth is turning upside down, Ecuador is drying because of the new clouds movement which is turning north east instead of west; South Africa will see heavy rains almost everyday because of the new clouds movement, Spain, Morocco and Algeria will see hot air streams then cold air streams then hot air ones all year because of the genesis of low depressions in the middle of the Atlantic, Canada will see rare snow and rise in temperature because of the hot streams moving north, China rivers will exceed their level by ten times because of the daily heavy rain, Japan will be frozen almost all year and USA floods will be daily.

There are also some of these scenes which should be cited in our subject’s context and which are: populations’ death because of high temperature, animals’ mass migration because of climate change, Tunisia and Libya disappearance under the seawater and the cut off of the two Americas. All the cited scenes above should be looked at as normal scenes as long as planet earth is living inside Higgs boson magnetism field.

My conclusion to this post is to show five imminent process of soustraction formula which are the Higgs boson levels of acceleration; the 1st is (-1, +1), the 2nd is (-2, +2), the 3rd is (-3, +3), the 4th is (-4, +4) and the last is (-5, +5), and normalizing Higgs boson experiment and it’s results will take these stages as well to convince populations on earth about Higgs boson discovery.     
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