Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (85)

OK!! don't panic like I said as long as I am able to manipulate Higgs boson magnetism there is still a solution to reverse some of it again and this could be done through the manipulation of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and as long as Rugosa Corals are still in my possession. The game here is about Higgs boson discovery recognition if not why I created Higgs boson magnetic field at the first place? And be aware that I am not changing anything until when I am convinced that I acquired some listening ears. Also as you know that damages on planet earth will be very serious and if you are waiting for these damages to happen then I am adding extra time to the game.

I think that "Don't You See" post has good causes to the world's scientists to think twice about Higgs boson magnetism influence on planet earth; and let's looking at what is occurring right now all around the world; high temperature, heavy rains, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes eruptions, all these phenomena have the aspect of unusuality and simply their intensity will become higher and higher and higher.

Higgs boson magnetism acceleration could be speed up or slowed down, and it could be cut off or reversed and this is similarly to a driven car, and all these levels of speed are under my control and their consequences are CERN's responsibility at first place; because CERN's big mistake is the ignorance of my discovery to Higgs boson but not only that; CERN's scientists are showing arrogance and they are misleading the world about the reality of Higgs boson discovery, and I am standing here and waiting for their criticism if they can do, or showing at least one small paragraph about Higgs boson magnetism.

Now, you as normal person, or as scientist or as a teacher; can you say even one word about my case of discovery to Higgs boson, because you are seeing truth and reality in my words? So why stay silent? I want you to stand up with me and say one word; a word of right, justice and meaning because my non achievement to a recognition to Higgs boson discovery means apocalypse in our universe.

I am already upset because records of high temperature of this month are achieved in many countries and humidity is at it's highest levels ever and we are not summer yet because catastrophes will be unavoidable, so hurry before is too late. 
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