Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (90)

Today’s post is special because it holds inside it new prospects concerning Higgs boson magnetism and it’s process; the extension of Higgs boson magnetism towards our universe will bring new natural phenomena of which humanity should prepare for them. I am interested to show five prospects of Higgs boson magnetism and it’s process to complete this post’s subject.

The first new prospect of Higgs boson magnetism is hidden inside monitochs as fibres; because monitochs are able to form one line from planet earth to the first universe they can represent Higgs boson magnetism by definition, and not only this but also Higgs boson magnetism power of pulling is represented in monitochs attachment through their nodes and this means that everything could be attached and pulled.

The second new prospect of Higgs boson magnetism is hidden inside planet earth rotations; planet earth rotations are dividing in two kinds; the first kind is known by it’s rotation from right to left or from east to west and the second kind of rotations is made by Higgs boson magnetism and which is from left to right or from west to east, and what is important to know is that subatomic particles are reversing their rotations. The last kind of rotations will dominate all existing particles of planet earth and this is what will making it rotating from left to right. I think that Islam noticed that one day the rise of the sun will be from west and not from east.

The third new prospect of Higgs boson magnetism is hidden inside sea rising up to (40) meters; simply the sea will achieve up to (40) meters high than the actual level because the water molecule will be lifted by Higgs boson magnetic particles waves. I am sure that the sea is already higher than normal by one meter in the northern part of planet earth.

The fourth new prospect of Higgs boson magnetism is hidden inside the higher accumulation of sea grasses; because Higgs boson magnetism is a good provocateur inside water; so it can make grasses growing very fast by pulling their cells up.

The last new prospect of Higgs boson magnetism is hidden inside the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat is one of the most important element to decay particles; so the increase of the spread of heat from the sun is an operation made by addition, or is built on (+1, +1) and this means that any integrated particle into Higgs boson magnetism has a plus one heat from the sun and this is what makes our universe warming up.

Again I am calling wise people to wake up and look seriously at Higgs boson experiment’s results and to say their word sooner, if not the world has to expect more bad news concerning natural catastrophes.
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