Sunday, 2 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (71)

Higgs boson infinity (71) is a hidden post for many years and today its coming to light to show to the world that Higgs boson discovery has to be taken seriously. I think that by talking about five causes of rotational clouds many of us will understand that our present life is inside Higgs boson electromagnetism field.

The first cause of rotational clouds is Higgs boson magnetism; clouds are rotational because they are pulled by Higgs boson magnetism, and with the combination of gravity clouds become under two pulling forces and this makes them rotating vertically and moving horizontally.

The second cause of rotational clouds is the rotational winds, the source of rotational winds is depressions; they are making the new era of life full of them and making clouds rotating all around the world. Also we shouldn’t ignore another source of rotational winds which is quarks assumption; quarks assumption is a strong source of winds and these last are capable of rotating any amount of clouds vertically then horizontally.

The third cause of rotational clouds is Higgs boson cosmic rays; as we already know that Higgs boson cosmic rays are ten times faster than the speed of light; once leaving planet earth they leave behind them a spinning empty space which makes clouds rotating vertically.

The fourth cause of rotational clouds is quarks submission; the submitted quarks from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) take direction towards heated areas on earth; the movement of the travel of the submitted quarks makes winds rotating to make clouds rotating as well.

The last cause of rotational clouds is alpha particles; alpha particles movement is rotational and they are capable of rotating any particle to interact with it; and their movement in the atmosphere makes the water molecule rotating with them and this is why clouds of the new era of life are rotational.

A short conclusion should be included to this post; I think nobody can ignore that clouds are rotating in the sky and this is simply is a result of Higgs boson experiment.

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