Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (75)

I am addressing this post to all countries’ presidents, Queens and Kings to read, to understand and to share my message; this message is about the benefit of all humanity to save whats possible to save before its too late. I think that Higgs boson discoverer has all capabilities to show and to explain to this high class of people that humanity has arrived to a new era of politics; this politics must be built on five conditions to achieve serenity, peace, justice, equality and obeisance. The world is invited to join this politics, accept it, support it and work hard to achieve it’s aims. It is understandable that by explaining five bases of the new politics of the new era of life Higgs boson infinity (75) will be realized.

The first base of the new politics of the new era of life is cooperation; cooperating is a must because no one population can survive without another population because human beings are getting bigger and bigger and space on earth should be well shared. Just imagine with me; you and me ten times bigger how could be our computer? And how could be our bed?

The second base of the new politics of the new era of life is similarity; everyone should be the same to everyone in accommodation, in food, in what to wear, in having just one baby and accepting all neighbours.

The third base of the new politic of the new era of life is manipulation; the manipulation of all populations should be examined very carefully; this manipulation is about a full explanation of the changes occurring on earth and in our universe. All populations should be aware of Higgs boson experiment and due to this experiment many lands will be lost and immigration of millions or billions of people should be organized in calm and with a conception of a new adventure of humanity. The settlement will be in Africa for all human beings.

The fourth base of the new politics of the new era of life is the acceptance of all consequences of Higgs boson experiment; humanity should accept all consequences of Higgs boson experiment because it has no other option; some consequences are; the high loss of human beings, the loss of whole continents, the loss of all technologies and materials, the loss of most known kind of food and the loss of most known animals. People should stay calm and living with the idea of Africa is the home for everybody.

The last base of the new politics of the new era of life is the positive thinking about the new era of life; all worlds’ populations should have the positive thinking about the new era of life and where its leading? Many negative scenes could be changed to positive ones, and many difficult conditions could be changed to easy and beneficial ones. I think that humanity shouldn’t forget Higgs boson generosity as it was noticed in earlier posts.

My conclusion to this post is by making a call to all higher responsible people in all countries to have a wise thinking to create all administrative means to prepare for the new era of life.

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