Sunday, 23 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (92)

This post comes as Higgs boson infinity to those who are interested in flights and their cancellations, I already noticed in earlier posts that cancellations of flights will have a huge impact on the world economy and peoples’ life, also planes will have no place in the sky. I think that the new era of life has a weather system which not allows planes to fly and this is because of many new phenomena. I am interested to tell you about five causes which make flights cancellations almost daily during the whole year.

The first cause of flights cancellations is strong winds; winds of the new era of life are very strong and I mean by strong; up to (500) miles per hours and this makes planes impossible to fly.

The second cause of flights cancellations is heavy snow; the new era of life has the characteristic of heavy snow and this is due to vortices visits further south in the northern part of planet earth. Vortices direction to south will be frequent and the causes of their direction south are explained in earlier post.

The third cause of flights cancellations is volcanoes’ ash; the new era of life is full of volcanoes and their ash, and this is because of the warming of the bottom of earth. The activated magma circulation under earth leads to the increase of volcanoes number and this makes the atmosphere full of ash, and that makes cancellations of flight obligatory.

The fourth cause of flights cancellations is clouds condensation; clouds of the new era of life are very thick and can damage planes’ engines easily and this is because the vaporized water condensation is high which makes it as a solid block and once inside the planes’ engines damage could be done; the result of this situation is cancellation of flights.

The last cause of flights cancellation is Higgs boson magnetism acceleration; Higgs boson magnetism acceleration shouldn’t be ignored; it is increasing second after second until when it will be able to pull planes from the sky, and not only cancellations of flights will be obligatory but also there will be no flights at all.

I think that planes will have no possibility to fly and until then Higgs boson discovery will be recognized.  
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