Saturday, 15 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (82)

Higgs boson infinity (82) must be told in order to convince the world about my discovery to Higgs boson; its about the introduction of superfluid to human beings and it’s immediate results. One may ask what are they the immediate results of superfluid?  The five following paragraphs will answer to this question to have a good idea of today’s subject.

The first of superfluid’s results is stress diminution; stress clearance is the first of the results of the superfluid. I think I am ready to release superfluid to Researches Centers, to Laboratories and to Medical Volunteers Centers to put superfluid under test and to analyse it’s relation to stress diminution.

The second of superfluid’s results is diminution of skin scratches; skin’s cells got healthier in a matter of hours and any scratches on the skin simply got disappeared.

The third of superfluid’s results is the killing of teeth pain; superfluid is capable of killing any pain in human body specially teeth pain; this is because of the mouth cells constitution; they are very sensible and liquid absorbent.

The fourth of superfluid’s results is stress release; within two days stress starts to be released; this is because of the well being of the nerves cells.

The last of superfluid’s results is the diminution of heart attacks; heart attacks could be avoided for ever by using superfluid as a medicine; the cells of the heart valves got healthier; this is because superfluid can go through any nerve and fixing any damage inside any cell.

I am sure that the talk about superfluid as a medicine will never end, and rest to the world not to miss this opportunity.  
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