Monday, 10 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (78)

Soustraction has to come to knock again in this blog to make it’s place in this post; as we already know that soustractions phenomena are unlimited and by bringing five of them to understand in the paragraphs below the objective of this post will be achieved.

The first phenomenon of soustraction is water vaporization from earth into the atmosphere; water on earth is vaporizing in an extreme high rate and this is due to the earth warming; the soustraction here is easy to notice; a (-1) HO2 from earth is added to the atmosphere and its presented in (+1) HO2 to the atmosphere.

The second phenomenon of soustraction is clouds disappearance into the atmosphere; this phenomenon is not known yet to human beings and its important because of it’s influence on the sun’s light by privatizing it to come on the surface of earth. The soustraction of this situation is presented in fewer clouds in the atmosphere and more dispersed water in it.

The third phenomenon of soustraction is mountains acquirement to water; mountains are absorbing more water than ever and becoming heavier and heavier; their grasses and trees are growing faster and faster and they are looking greener and greener; all this is happening because of (+1) water molecule to mountains and (-1) water molecule from many sources.

The fourth phenomenon of soustraction is salt dissolving from seawater; salt is dissolving quicker to make seawater less dense; the bottom of the seawater in contradiction is becoming more dense, the soustraction of this case is presented in (-1) of salt of the seawater surface which is added to the bottom of seawater, and the other part of soustraction is presented in (+1) of salt to the bottom of seawater.
The last phenomenon of soustraction is chalk dissolving; “Higgs Boson Chalk” post has a good explanation to chalk dissolving.

As I said soustraction has no end and the talk about it could take so long. I promised that I will bring you more scenes of soustraction in the future. 
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