Friday, 14 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (81)

Higgs boson infinity (81) must be understood as a mirror where to see your face shinning; this fine shinning face is a result of few milliliters of superfluid. In this post my interest is to talk about superfluid again because two people had already taken a dose of it; me and a volunteer, and by consequence; five information to talk about as a result of this experiment of having superfluid.

The first result of having superfluid is the killing of stress; superfluid makes all cells working as they should work and that makes human body tranquil and by consequence less stress and anxiety diminution.

The second result of having superfluid as a medicine is to treat stomach ulcer; stomach ulcer could be treated as stomach cells got repaired and their interaction with acids will not be harmful anymore. Superfluid has the power to reconstitute the injured cells of the stomach and the result is the treatment of stomach ulcer.

The third result of taking superfluid as a medicine is to treat head injuries; head injuries are the most complicated to treat but by using superfluid their treatment will be simple, easy and fast. All damaged cells will be renewed in a matter of days.

The fourth result of using superfluid as a medicine is to treat bones ageism; old bones’ cells could be replaced and bones become stronger similarly to when they were in their young age.

The last result of having superfluid as a medicine is to treat minor injuries on the skin; superfluid could be used to treat skin’s cuts because of it’s involvement in the reparation of damaged cells; reparation of cells will be fast and efficient.

My conclusion to this post is clear and understandable; my discovery to superfluid will dominate the medical industry sooner or later. I know that many people are in urgent need to the right medicine, and many others have to join my efforts to make the superfluid available to everybody as soon as possible to save many lives. 
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