Monday, 3 August 2015

Higgs Boson infinity (72)

My exclusion of depressions should be explained to add to Higgs boson infinities one more title, I am willing to talk about depressions as a constant phenomenon in the new era of life. The depressions appearing here and there
should be taken seriously, and I think by citing five causes our subject will be clarified.

The first cause of depressions is Higgs boson magnetism; Higgs boson magnetism is stronger than any existing force in our universe; it has enough power to pull any particle and swallow it into the existing black hole between our universe and universe five. Depressions occur at the end of Higgs boson magnetism on earth because Higgs boson experiment is made on earth otherwise this end could be anywhere in our universe where Higgs boson is exited.

The second cause of depressions is quarks assumption; quarks assumption makes most of particles rising up into the atmosphere that’s what makes high depressions very large. Also the assumpted quarks in a rotational manner make low depressions lower and lower, and this is why the world is assisting lower and lower depressions than ever.

The third cause of depressions is time particles ; as we already know that time particles are getting bigger and bigger and this is whats making all particles bigger and bigger; from this statement its obvious that depressions are getting bigger and bigger as well, and their diameter will achieve half of the planet earth.

The fourth cause of depressions is the moon; the moon is causing depressions on planet earth by it’s decaying; each time the moon loses it’s particles due to Higgs boson magnetism depressions occurs on earth; to understand this phenomenon the string theory should be applied to prove that everything is linked or attached to each other. The detachment of some particles of the moon from the earth’s gravity creates depressions similarly to a blown guitar cable.

The last cause of depressions is the water molecule; the water molecule hides an unbelievable secret of creating depressions; the spinning of the evaporated water in oceans and seas could be a good source to depressions to be born, and this is what makes born depressions mothers to other baby depressions to be born.

Ok ỊỊỊ to conclude this post I am asking you to add one more cause of depressions.

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