Monday, 3 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (73)

Thanks god for showing me what I have to write in Higgs boson infinity (73); the paragraphs below are an explanation to depressions occurrence and whats behind them. My imagination to whats happening after a depression is unlimited but I will be more than satisfied by describing five scenes resulting from a depression occurrence.

The first scene after a depression is strong winds; strong winds always follow the moving of a depression; and this is happen because of the pulling of Higgs boson magnetism and also because of the clouds mass which makes the winds increasing.

The second scene after a depression is flooding; generally a low pressure brings more heavy rain which makes flooded areas apparent. What is interesting to know is that depressions are becoming more frequent, stronger and bigger than ever.

The third scene after a depression is heat; a depression always carry particles from it’s centre to outside areas, and this makes less dense area in the atmosphere to allow more sun’s heat to penetrate.

The fourth scene after a depression is frost in winter and humidity in summer; depressions once passed their pulling to particles still continue because in winter the air is cold so the water molecule turns into frost and in summer because of the warm air the water molecules evaporate to increase the level of humidity.

The last scene after a depression is the moon’s light to become more visible to influence on all living organisms ; because depressions pull all particles from the atmosphere to leave it less dense this is what makes the moon’s light more sharp and this what makes it influencing on living organisms extremely. This statement will be explained in future title because many elements should be examined.

Concluding this post is concluding the beginning of a new era of life as depressions are one of the most influencing elements on the global weather system to change to a new one.

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