Monday, 10 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (77)

Again my talk about Higgs boson infinities could be your perfect guide to understand whats going around you, and by sharing this understanding with your surroundings further knowledge will be acquired by further people. My intention in this post of Higgs boson infinity (77) is to talk about the means and
the manners to communicate Higgs boson discovery. I think by bringing five possibilities of communication to Higgs boson discovery the aim from this subject will be achieved.

The first possibility to communicate Higgs boson discovery is by and through social media; its very easy to share a post through Google or Facebook and maybe any other social media. To pass the message to the world; this message is saying that “Higgs boson was discovered and its under experiment”.

The second possibility to communicate Higgs boson discovery is by mouth to ear; why people are hesitating to talk about Higgs boson discovery and the real causes of the changes occurring in the global weather system? Its simple to say that there is one man on earth who is claiming Higgs boson discovery; you can say it to your wives, to your parents, to your daughters and your sons. Talking about a discovery with others is always a good mean to know reality.

The third possibility to communicate Higgs boson discovery is by writings; writing about Higgs boson discovery is a story with no limits, and writing could be in blogs, in newspapers, in books and in magazines. And because we are writing about the theory of everything it could occupy any page concerning any title. Just say Higgs boson discovery and include your words’ subject.

The fourth possibility to communicate Higgs boson discovery is by using multimedia; multimedia have an unlimited number of subjects to cover about Higgs boson discovery and simply because this discovery is realistic, is true and is live. Some multimedia is: Radio and Television.

The last possibility to communicate Higgs boson discovery is satellite dysfunction; don’t be surprised that all known satellites will be in damage and in dysfunction; this is what we can call an obligatory communication of Higgs boson, the whole world will ask why all satellites are out of work? Then Higgs boson discovery comes up to be communicated.

My conclusion to this post has to be short and meaningful; communicating Higgs boson discovery is beneficial than not communicating it.
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