Thursday, 13 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (80)

I am proud of my self to write the following lines to explain to you Higgs boson infinity (80); it has an explanation to cancer treatment by using superfluid as a unique existing medicine on earth. Treating cancer is not a joke but is a real fact introduced by Higgs boson experiment. I am writing to talk about five consequences of using superfluid as a medicine to treat cancer.

The first consequence of superfluid as a medicine is treatment of all kind of cancer; by reading this statement many people are surprised but this statement is right and true; superfluid is holding glue balls, majorana fermions and quarks; and these three elements are the blocks building of any atom and cell, and by introducing them to human body they only prefabricate the damaged cells.

The second consequence of superfluid as a medicine is the renovation of all old cells; cells could be renovated by the superfluid and their old chemicals could be renovated through the interaction of quarks, majorana fermions and glue balls and the ones of electrons, protons and neutrons of their composed cells of these chemicals; its exactly the same to the change of a car parts to be driven properly.

The third consequence of superfluid as a medicine is the renewing of all damaged cells; damaged cells could be on the skin or in the brain and this is what causes skin ageism and memory loss, and the treatment of these diseases will be simple and easy. Superfluid visits all body’s cells and fix what it has to be fixed in the broken cells.

The fourth consequence of superfluid as a medicine is lips brilliancy; this is a special option to woman to make their lips shining all time and even for men; their lips will be fine in colour all time. By this occasion I am inviting all lipsticks investors to join my researches in the production of superfluid.

The last consequence of superfluid as a medicine is the reconstruction of any cutted cells; generally minor cuts on the skin could be treated in a matter of hours and this is one of my experiment on my skin.
I think that the talk about superfluid as a medicine has no end because it could be used to treat more than one thousand diseases, injuries and even insomnia. I am sure that I will be back with more information concerning superfluid. 
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