Monday, 17 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (85)

Higgs boson infinity (85) is about superfluid subject as further visions are all about superfluid effects on human body. I think that this post deserves five more effects of superfluid and these effects will be explained in the following paragraphs.

The first effect of superfluid on human body is eye sightedness; all old eye nerves could be renewed by using superfluid, so people with short sightedness or long sightedness could surpass this problem and their view becomes sharper.

The second effect of superfluid on human body is facial wrinkle diminution; human face could be with no facial wrinkles at all and this can be achieved through the use of superfluid as a medicine; superfluid can make the face cells’ skin healthy by repairing them, and the result of this situation is human face will look younger and younger.

The third effect of superfluid on human body is pneumonia; complication of breathing will be relieved by using superfluid and this is because of all lung cells well being, superfluid integration inside the lung cells make them strong and healthy to eliminate any bacteria or viruses.

The fourth effect of superfluid on human body is human body predominance to any poison; all human body cells become healthy and strong and this makes the immune system stronger to face any poison.

The last effect of superfluid on human body is blood pressure diminution; blood pressure get diminished because of the regularization of blood circulation inside the blood cells; these last become self regulator to blood absorption and this last makes the pressure normalized in the body all time.

Concluding this post by remembering you of the benefit of superfluid and it’s positive effects on human body are unlimited and I hope I will bring you more of them in the future.
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