Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Higgs Boson Infinity (94)

Higgs boson infinity (94) is one of the most important infinity of Higgs boson infinities because of it’s chemical meaning of the regeneration of chemicals in the new era of life. Chemicals' regeneration was always my interest to understand and to explain to you and by considering five chemical regenerations in the new era of life our subject will be in full vision.

The first chemical regeneration in the new era of life is atoms decaying impact on chemicals; as we already know that atoms inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field are subject to decay and this is because of their achievement to the state of motion. Atoms decaying make chemicals melting into new form of chemicals and this leads to the disappearance of many materials and the regeneration of many others.

The second chemical regeneration in the new era of life is electrons; electrons could be easily decayed into subatomic particles in order to integrate into new form of matter, not only that but also to participate in Higgs boson rotations and these rotations are simply the result of Higgs boson magnetism.

The third chemical regeneration in the new era of life is protons; here I have to say my word about people who are smashing protons because there will be no protons to smash; because protons will decay very fast once they are free. The big built machine at CERN will be a good place to visit as museum and nothing else.

The fourth chemical regeneration in the new era of life is neutrons; neutrons are magic particles because they don’t decay and they form neutrality. I think that neutral particles are the most complicated particles to understand, and their regeneration in matter is impossible to visualize even by using a high temperature superconductor.

The last chemical regeneration in the new era of life is our universe; most of the existing chemicals in our universe get regenerated and they are already taking a new shape, a new color and a new smell. Also this regeneration is making our universe younger and younger and taking it into the past.

My conclusion to this post is by remembering you by the old era of life which is coming back and it will be a new one for us; and this is because of chemicals regeneration.
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