Saturday, 3 December 2016

Announcement (17)

Today's announcement should be considered as a new vision to the reality of cosmos; the asters surrounding planet earth have significant signs of our universe travel back. I think that the science of telescopy could reveal that planet earth movements by comparing them to the position of planets and stars; and this comparison will bring proofs of our universe travel back due to Higgs boson experiment.

It is also noticeable that the science of microbiology has a very wide range of DNA to analyse of new old living organisms came back from the past; and this analysis should be added to Higgs boson experiment proofs. The new old living organisms are also proofs to Higgs boson magnetism which is the key element to turn everything's direction. I think that the new old bacteria, exotic viruses and new kind of jelly fish could never come back to life without DNA reversing.

I would like to add the science of geology which has a huge information disproving CO2 emission theory and adding consistency to Higgs boson experiment and examples of this information are unlimited. The number and the magnitude of the occurring earthquakes have significant meaning to the failing CO2 emission and a proof of the submitted quarks and their interaction with the bottom of earth.

My intention is with clouds movements to invite meteorologists to pronounce their recognition that they have never seen such movements of clouds, and to ask questions why these clouds' movements are so different than they have never been? Meteorologists have to recognize that the theory of CO2 emission is not capable of creating such movements of clouds.

Soustraction is also a key player to show it's coexistence inside the fast growth of trees; this fast growth is becoming faster than ever to lock carbon forever, and this fast growth of trees is sustained with Higgs boson magnetism to make them older faster to finish by dying, and pushing up new kind of old trees' cells ready to accept the new global weather system. I think that people with systematic knowledge will have a huge potential of new old trees data to complete their gaps of information.

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