Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Announcement (34)

My talk about Higgs boson has no end and that's why I am adding today's announcement with the hope to create a beneficial discussion about Higgs boson experiment effects inside scientific communities to rise awareness and reach seriousness in decisions, thinking and talk inside these communities. I am interested to bring you five of Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth.

The first effect of Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is heavy rain; the world is witnessing heavy rain because of many conditions which are created by Higgs boson experiment and these conditions are: higher temperature on earth, higher water vaporization, the increase of water quantity on earth, vertical clouds condensation, clouds alignment due to Higgs boson magnetism, stronger depressions and less dense atmosphere allowing the water molecule to occupy further space. I think that heavy rain from 40 mm per 24 hours is becoming something usual.

The second effect of Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is earthquakes magnitude and number increase; no body can ignore that earthquakes magnitude and number are at constant increase and this is because of planet earth loss to it's mass.

The third effect of Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is cracks; cracks appearance on land, buildings, bridges, streets and roads, and they are resulted from soil softening because this last is loosing it's energy to allow anything on the top of it to move and create cracks. I think that pictures of cracks could be seen in many places around the world.

The fourth effect of Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is snow melting; the snow's life is becoming short and this is because of higher temperature on earth, also stronger depressions are driving warmer air towards the north to melt the snow. These depressions are also are bringing heavy rain to come on snow and melting it.

The last effect of Higgs boson experiment on planet earth is lakes effects; lakes effects are new phenomena to accumulate huge amount of snow in small areas; lake effect is created because of warm lakes' water passed by cold air to throw very big amount of snow.

Again Higgs boson experiment is making an unlimited number of effects on planet earth, and rest to us to notice them and linking them to Higgs boson discovery and not to CO2 emission.  
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