Sunday, 25 December 2016

Higgs Boson Phosphorycation (02)

Higgs boson phosphorycation (01) was an introduction to the explanation of anti matter; this last is represented in black phosphorus and which could be extended to be built on (16) atoms; this number is the perfect number where all existing particles can meet, and this means that the integration of black phosphorus between two matters is true.

Black phosphorus is anti matter itself because its capable of reflecting any matter for example a hydrogen atom has it's anti hydrogen atom and this is through the positioning of the hydrogen atom where the similarity of it's particles waves could be shaped in opposition to form an anti hydrogen atom. So what we understand from the statement above is that all matter has it's anti matter because all matter is waves and these waves can shape similar waves to them inside any space filled with black phosphorus.

Some people think that anti matter is existing particles not possible to detect and this thinking is simply not true because anti matter is simply shaped waves printed on black phosphorus. And even worse that some people think that anti matter is the world of spirits and scientists are not allowed to dig inside it.

I am sure that De broglie is right when he said that particles are waves like in the same time; this statement is confirming that anti matter is the print foot of matter and in reality anti matter is the gum which could be shaped in all kind of matter from the sub subatomic particle to the whole universe. And this means that our universe is equal to (2π) in order to satisfy the equality to Higgs boson magnetic field which is also equal to  (2π).

Sustainably to my hypothesis of anti matter I have to add Einstein's theory of relativity; this theory secret is the constant speed of matter which allows the connection to visionize anti matter in the picture of matter, and that's why discoveries of similar planets is possible just in image and not in reality.
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